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JOANNA-MARIE. She is 100% Jamaican but you would not believe because when you hear how smooth the Spanish lyrics flows on the pulsating reggae rhythm you would think that she must be Latin but born in Kingston, Jamaica. Joanna is truly special, her smooth style of singing is truly refreshing to the ears. Listen to the sweet sound of "SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE". This album has all seven tracks in Spanish like 'MAR DE AMOR" (SEA OF LOVE) The Bob Marley classic "BUENOS MOMENTOS" (NICE TIME) and the cover of Sade "AMOR ORDINARIO" (ORDINARY LOVE) in both Spanish and English.

The title track "IRRESISTIBLE" and "BUENO AMOR" (GOOD LOVE) sweet lovers rock also in English and Spanish with the English version featuring D J Lisa Danger. The unique Latin jazz sounds of "COMO FUE" so smooth it's relaxing. Then there is "DON'T GO AWAY" and "FIGHT NO MORE" two of the reggae hard core English tracks, also "HURTING" featuring Prezident Brown. Whether you understand Spanish or English you will find yourself humming to all of the songs of "SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE", it is truly irresistible. Get your copy today.